The Hidden Benefits of Doing Business with a Texas Insurance Agency

Many of us have questions that need to be answered when we are dealing with insurance. Of course you can call your insurance company to get answers, but you might not get the answer you are looking for and it may be delivered in a way you don’t necessarily like. Our Texas insurance agency is your best friend when you need answers. You may be asking yourself, “Is there really much of a difference between an insurance company vs an insurance agency?”

Good question.

Let’s discuss the hidden benefits of doing business with a Texas insurance agency.

The Texas Insurance Agency

An insurance agency employs agents who write and sell insurance policies. Agencies represent and sell for the company of their choice. Independent insurance agencies have the ability to decide what companies, and how many, they would like to represent.

There are two different types of insurance agencies: captive insurance agencies and independent insurance agencies. We can go further into this topic in another post at a later time, but it’s important that you understand there are two kinds.

The Benefits of an Independent Insurance Agency

The insurance agent role is designed to help people make informed decisions on what coverage is right for them. You can think of an agent as an adviser on all things insurance related.

Your insurance agent can help you decide whether or not it is in your best interest to file a specific claim. A good agent can help walk you through “what if” scenarios about whether or not something specific is covered.

An independent agent, contrary to the captive agent, brings one more crucial piece to the table. As I said before, an independent agency can work for as many, or as little, companies as they would like. If your rate goes up, or you are unsatisfied with the company you have, your independent agent can place you with a more suitable company that they represent.

Picking the Right Texas Insurance Agency

Of course, you can go out and do business directly with the company of your choice, however, we have unfolded the reasons as to why you would better benefit from the help of an agency.

When choosing what agency you would like to do business with, it is important that you consider a couple of factors. First, you want to make sure that the agency you choose is passionate about what products they offer. An agent that loves what they do will be the right option for you.

Second, look for an agency that explains what you are getting, in detail. You want to make sure that the agent is informative and helps educate you on all coverage available, so that you can make informed decisions.

Next, search for an agency that is helpful and insightful to your specific needs or industry. The difference between a good and a great agent is just that. An agent that genuinely cares about protecting your lifestyle will make all the difference when purchasing insurance.

Lastly, find an agency that goes above and beyond. Agencies have the ability to work closely with the insurance companies they represent, by offering “above and beyond” services like safety training specific to your industry. It never hurts to find an agency that offers more than just a policy.

Switching from Insurance Company to Insurance Agency

If you are looking to switch from doing business directly with a company to an insurance agency, then the process is fairly simple. Make a decision on what Texas insurance agency best suits you. Once you have decided on the agency, then have a conversation with them about getting you switched.

A great independent agent will make the insurance “stuff” feel less confusing and more enjoyable. Call us today and we can go over how you can benefit from our agency services.

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