Parking Lot Dangers at Christmas Time: Eight Safety Tips

‘Tis the season – the most wonderful time of year! We’re officially 19 days away from Christmas in 2020 and it feels like the whole year has flashed before our eyes.

Turpen & Associates: Christmas Parking Lot Dangers

If you’re like us, you’re in a mad scramble to tend to gift shopping, food prep, and all that goes into ensuring holiday cheer.

Just a little over a week ago and we were doing our annual Thanksgiving scramble. We showed up at the grocery store the day before Thanksgiving to pick up our pre-ordered groceries (because, 2020). Our first mistake was that we drove through the parking lot closest to the entrance.

We barely made it through the mob of people perambulating in and out of the store. As we waited for what seemed like the 100th person to shuffle in front of our car, we both analyzed our surroundings.

Pure chaos.

It’s a miracle we didn’t witness an accident. “Somebody better warn the others,” we thought. So here we are!

We’re going to share eight safety tips for holiday parking lot dangers.

Focus On Your Driving

It can be very tempting to hunt for the perfect parking spot. But let’s face it, parking lots are jam-packed around the holidays and the chances of you finding a novel parking spot are slim to none. Focus on your driving and parking lot safety rather than hunting a spot that will likely not be available.

Drive Slowly and Check for Cars Cutting Diagonally

Everyone is in a hurry. Every person is out and about, trying to take care of what they need so they can get back to their loved ones.

Turpen & Associates: Christmas Parking Lot Dangers

Unfortunately, not everyone operates with others in mind. Since parking lots are especially busy around the holidays, that means more people are cutting through the parking lot trying to get to the exit as quickly as possible. Drive slowly and check for those cars that love to cut across the parking lot diagonally.

Beware When Mailing Your Holiday Greeting Cards

Post office parking lots have some of the highest incidences of accidents due to frequent customer turnover. Take extra precaution when mailing your holiday greeting cards and gifts.

Park Away From Entrances to Reduce Chances of Door Dings

It’s not like you’re going to find the golden parking spot during this time of year anyway. Steer clear of parking near the entrance and park away from the buildings to reduce the chances of dings from other car doors or shopping carts. However, be sure to avoid secluded and dark areas when out shopping alone.

Ask Security to Walk You To Your Car

We all have that gut instinct when something feels off. Listen to it.

It’s always safer to do your holiday shopping with a buddy, but if you absolutely have to go out by yourself and you feel threatened, ask security to walk you to your car.

Avoid Driving Close to the Entrance

Like we stated in the beginning, we’ve already made this mistake. For the safety of those walking to and from the parking lot, and for your sanity, avoid driving close to the entrance.

Check Your Insurance

Would we even be an insurance agency if we didn’t mention checking your insurance? There’s no time like the present for a coverage review from your agent. Knowing what coverage you have can save you a lot of trouble and confusion in the future.

Shop Safely

Shop safely. There’s no way we could write an article on parking lot safety without mentioning basic safety tips.

First, avoid shopping alone if at all possible. Park in well-lit areas and be aware of your surroundings at all times. It can be tempting to check that text message you received while driving to the store, but it can wait until your safety in the store with others around.

Lastly, always have your keys ready to go when approaching your car and check the back seat before getting in.

Bottom Line

It’s the busiest time of year. We could all benefit from each other operating with a little bit of patience and compassion.

We hope you all have a safe and wonderful Christmas! If you need any insurance help during this crazy time, then give our agency a call!




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